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Faculty of Transport Engineering

Department of Railway Transport Extrapolation of energy resources Performing of extrapolation of energy resources and searching for saving ways Vaičiūnas Gediminas
Research of wheels attrition Prediction of wheel and rail wear formation Bureika Gintautas
Improvement of rolling-stock maintenance Creating of improvement methods of rolling-stock maintenance and repair bases activity Subačius Rimantas
Research of fuel consuption Calculation and extrapolation of fuel consumption taking into account the exploitation conditions. Vaičiūnas Gediminas
Optimisation of rolling-stock traction Optimisation of rolling-stock traction depending on the load and on the parameters of track and locomotive Bureika Gintautas
Calculation of train dynamics Calculation of train dynamics Bureika Gintautas
Expertise Prosecuting of expertise of railway accidents Vaičiūnas Gediminas
Modelling Modelling of rail vehicle Bureika Gintautas
Investigation of  electric traction Research on parameters of Diesel locomotive electric equipment . Investigation on parameters of electric traction transmission (drive) Liudvinavičius Lionginas
Preparation of technical norm documents Preparation of technical norm documents for railway transport Vaičiūnas Gediminas
Reliability tests of railway rolling-stock Ongoing reliability tests of railway rolling-stock Vaičiūnas Gediminas
Research of alternative fuels Creating of probability study of alternative fuels applying for rail vehicle engines Vaičiūnas Gediminas
Railway traffic safety Creating measures  of increasing railway traffic safety and risk management Bureika Gintautas
Department of Automobile Transport Measurement of vehicle exhaust gas particles and composition The vehicle (gasoline and diesel) emissions volume could be determinate, as well as separate components (CO, CO2, CH, NOx, PM) values. Rimkus Alfredas
Road vehicles shock absorbers inspection and efficiency Sets of working effectiveness of vehicle shock absorbers by EUSAMA method identifying the suitability for exploitation, and evaluation of shock absorbers damping properties for vehicle suspension job. Žuraulis Vidas
Determination of petroleum products dynamic viscosity The motor oil dynamic viscosity values could be measured by rotational viscometer. Matijošius Jonas
Examinations of road traffic accidents Road traffic accidents examinations and conclusions could be performed Sokolovskij Edgar
Experimental research of  internal combustion engines The rate of petrol and diesel engine energetic and environmental values could be set. The exploitation recommendation could be arranged. Rimkus Alfredas
Research of road traffic safety Modelling of different traffic situations and evaluation of traffic safety means (implements) Sokolovskij Edgar
Offers suggestions and methods for improvement of road safety, technical service of road vehicles and reduction of environmental pollution The suggestions and recomendations for the cars maintenance companies to improve the quality of services provided. Juknelevičius Romualdas
Determination of vehicle thrust characteristics Various traction characteristics of cars are tested by car dynanometer stand MAHA LPS 3000: traction, engine torque, engine power, fuel consumption, etc. parameters. Pukalskas Saugirdas
Settles rates of fuel consumption for road vehicles Sets of various cars fuel consumption rate. For this purpose an accurate fuel consumption meter is used, which is installed in the vehicle fuel system. Pukalskas Saugirdas
Theoretical studies of internal combustion engines Simulation of spark ignition and compress ignition engine work parameters using AVL Boost software, evaluating changes of engine construction and fuel properties. Rimkus Alfredas
Research in road vehicle dynamic characteristics Sets of vehicle stability and dynamics of its separate elements using special Corrsys-Datron equipment  moving in different modes and road pavements. Žuraulis Vidas
Determination of petroleum products flashpoint The flash point temperature values of petroleum products could be measured by open crucible (for lubricants) and a closed crucible (for fuels). Matijošius Jonas
Determination of drivers personality and psychophysiological properties Psychophysiological studies of road users (drivers). Drivers selection. Bogdanovičius Zenonas
Experimental research of internal combustion engines with different fuels and fumes Engine‘s fuel (fossil and alternative origin) consumptions, torque could be measured as soon as and engine’s and power could be calculated. The exhaust gas components (CO, CO 2, CH, NOx, PM) Rimkus Alfredas
Department of Transport Management Improvement of technologies Improvement of freight and passenger transportation technologies Bazaras Darius
Economic of the transport and logistics Preparation of economic and management solutions for transport enterprises Bazaras Darius
Improvement of transport and logistics processes and modelling Provision of proposals regarding the improvement of logistics activities and processes. Implementation of transportation technology improvement. Conduction of transportation process modelling Bazaras Darius
Business plans Prepaparation of business plans for transport and logistics enterprises Bazaras Darius
Transport policy Provision of proposals regarding transport policy and legal regulation of transport activity Bazaras Darius
Business development strategies Establishment of logistics business development strategies Bazaras Darius
Market research Market research conduction of transport and logistics sector Bazaras Darius
Auditing of the activity Improvement and auditing of corporate logistics systems Bazaras Darius
Information technology Provision of proposals regarding information technology applications in transport sector Bazaras Darius
Analysis of the micro and macro logistics processes Analysis of the state of the logistics processes at local and regional levels Bazaras Darius
Department of Transport Technological Equipment Machinery and transport equipment transmissions of dynamic processes in research and diagnostic Machinery and transport equipment transmissions of dynamic processes in research and diagnostics. Parameter transmission measurements carried out. Research of rRolling and sliding bearings Bogdevičius Marijonas
Lifts diagnostics Parameter measurements for lifts (elevators ropes and pulleys, hydraulic actuators state identification and analysis) Bogdevičius Marijonas
Lifting and transport equipment of dynamic processes in the design, expertise and diagnostics Lifting and transport equipment as well as the elements of dynamic processes in the design, expertise and diagnostics. Carried out the calculations and measurements devices Bogdevičius Marijonas
Soil compaction Measurements of dynamic soil compacting device. Bogdevičius Marijonas
Transport machinery and technological equipment, research, design, diagnostics and expertise Transport machinery and technological equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical systems, dynamic processes in design and expertise and diagnostics Bogdevičius Marijonas
Traffic flow research and expertise Traffic flow measurements, data processing, parameter calculations, modeling and forecasting. Bogdevičius Marijonas
Road construction and maintenance machinery, pipeline transport and technological research, design, diagnostics and expertise Road construction and maintenance machinery, pipeline transport and technological research, design, diagnostics and expertise. Carried out in the machine settings for measurements and calculations Bogdevičius Marijonas
Steel and aluminum alloys-structure research Carried out in steel and aluminum alloy structural research determined the composition of the metal Bogdevičius Marijonas
Gas and fluid leakage points of pneumatic and hydraulic systems Gas and fluid leakage points of pneumatic and hydraulic systems, the use of measuring equipment and calculations Bogdevičius Marijonas
Pavement mixtures manufacturing technology and quality control improvements Pavement production of mixtures technology and the improvement of quality control and evaluation Sivilevičius Henrikas
High-speed mechanical and hydrodynamic processes filming and recording Processes filmed high-speed video camera. Bodies of velocity, acceleration, fluid and gas pressure, flow, speed and temperature recording Bogdevičius Marijonas
Geothermal systems of hydrodynamic and thermodynamic processes in the design, diagnostics, and expertise Geothermal systems and their elements of the hydrodynamic and thermodynamic processes (HTP) in the design, expertise and diagnostics. Measurements carried out HTP Bogdevičius Marijonas
Design services Prototype design, testing and research. Three-dimensional surface scanning patterns and models, 3D printing prototyping printer. Preparation of manufacturing drawings. Bogdevičius Marijonas
Mechanical vibration (MV) measurement Multipoint laser vibrometer, an acoustic hammer, accelerometer and acoustic emission devices measured MV, determined natural frequencies and forms of the calibration of accelerometers. Bogdevičius Marijonas
Competence Centre of Intermodal Transport and Logistics Green Transport Cooridors Development of green transport corridors, implementation of innovative processes and tehnologies. Šakalys Algirdas
Development and integration of intermodal transport and terminals Development of intermodal transport  in transport corridors and  supply chains. Šakalys Algirdas
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