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Transport Engineering Research and Innovation
The main research topics of the Faculty of Transport Engineering in the field of transport engineeringare related to the transport system processes, logistics activities and a wide range of land-based transport technology development and include:
  • Road vehicle exploitation improvement in terms of energy resources saving and the reduction of environmental impact problems examination;
  • Road vehicle dynamics, reliability and safety problems examination;
  • Rolling stock operational reliability, environmental and road safety enhancement examination;
  • Transportation technical equipment and special purpose vehicles and their systems physical processes research;
  • The research of dynamic, hydrodynamic and thermodynamic processes of hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems;
  • The transport system competitiveness and attractiveness in the context of sustainable development problems analysis;
  • The analysis of innovative technologies (including IT) applications in the transport sector problems;
  • The study of problems in separate logistic activities and processes as well as the entire supply chain. 
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Scientific activity presentation of Transport Engineering faculty (2009-2013)

Scientific activity presentation of Transport engineering faculty
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