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Research Projects

Academic Staff of the Faculty of Transport Engineering took part in the following three international research projects:  
2016–2019: Project HAZARDMitigating Emergencies and Accidents in TEN-T Seaports in the Baltic Sea
2016–2018: Project INTERREG 4.2Coordination of Macro-Regional Cooperation. P015 PAs Energy/Transport
2015–2019: Project TENTacleCapitalising on TEN-T Core Network Corridors for Prosperity, Growth and Cohesion
2012–2015: Project BESTFACTBest Practice Factory for Freight Transport
2012–2015: Project EMARe-Maritime Strategic Framework and Simulation Based Validation
2012–2014: Project NEAR2Network of European Asian Rail Research Capacities
2012–2014: Project BSR TransGovernanceMLG Support to the Implementation of PA 11 in the EU Baltic Sea Strategy
2010–2013: Project RAIL BALTICAGrowth Corridor
2011–2012: Project ADTYREIntelligent, Dynamic Tyre Monitoring System to Use Synergy Effects for Sustainable Mobility
2009–2012: Project EWTC2East West Transport Corridor II
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