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Tomas Eglynas has defended his doctoral dissertation  "DEVELOPMENT AND INVESTIGATION OF SMART CARGO TECHNOLOGIES FOR MARITIME INTERMODAL TERMINAL" on 10th of February. Doctoral dissertation was prepared at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in 2012–2017. Supervisor Prof. Dr Habil. Marijonas BOGDEVICIUS (Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Transport Engineering – 03T).
Shortcut from dissertation: The new smart quay crane new concept is directly related to the intelligent container and autonomous container carrier concepts. In a vision of autonomous port, while the quay crane spreader approaches to the container at the ship, information about container and cargo resistance must be passed directly to the supercomputers of carrier using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Obtained data processing will allow to generate customized fastest and safest specific handling mode for each container, depending on causes of wind, swinging caused by ship movement and etc. The main objectives of the thesis becomes dependency to reduce container sway at quay cranes, by developing the intelligent control system. The intelligent transport problem is solved by developing a quay crane laboratory scaled prototype and adapted mathematical and control system models, using the motion profile based control algorithm implemented with proportional (P), integrative (I) and differentiating (D) controller (PID controller). It should be noted that the PID controller systems were container is the main handling object, which hang on spreader suspended with long ropes, generates significant errors. Dissertation includes developing of a numerical modelling environment for the new system, which results are verified by an experiment, using designed and constructed real-quay crane laboratory prototype.
Vilnius Gediminas technical university
Faculty of Transport Engineering
Department of Transport Technological Equipment
Plytinė str. 27, 3th floor,
LT-10105 Vilnius
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The Department was established  in 1985.
Titles of the Department:
  • Department of Building and Road Machines (1985–1991)
  • Department of Machines for Road Construction and Building Machines (1991–1995)
  • Department of Transport Technological Equipment (since 1995)
The Department includes 3 laboratories: Training Laboratory of Hydraulic Drivers, Vehicles' Diagnostics Laboratory and Vehicles Physical Processes and Traffic Flows Mathematical Modeling Laboratory.
The Department offers the Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctor’s degree programmes in Transport Engineering (Automotive Engineering).
Plytinė str. 27, 1st floor (Vilnius):
  • P102 Office
  • P103 Office of Head of Training Laboratory of Hydraulic Drivers
  • P104 Computer Classroom
  • P105 Training Laboratory of Hydraulic Drivers and office of Repairman of Training Laboratory of Hydraulic Drivers
  • P111A Classroom
  • P111B Laboratory
  • P112 Office
Plytinė str. 27, 3th floor (Vilnius):
  • P301 - Technical room
  • P302 - Office of Assoc Prof, Dr Vilius Bartulis
  • P303 - Classroom for doctoral students and scientific employees
  • P304 - Office for meetings
  • P305 - Computer Classroom 
  • P306 - Office of Prof, Dr Habil Henrikas Sivilevičius
  • P307 - Office of Head of Laboratory Arvydas Matuliauskas
  • P308 - Office of Dr Viktor Skrickij
  • P309 - Office of lecturer Dr Raimundas Junevičius and lecturer Šarūnas Šukevičius
  • P310 - Classroom for students 
  • P311 - Laboratory
  • P312 - Classroom for students
  • P313 - Office of Laboratory technician Genė Aldona Puzinienė
  • P314 - Classroom for students
  • P315 - Office of Assoc Prof, Dr Olegas Prentkovskis and lecturer Rasa Prentkovskienė
  • P316 - Office of Head of Department Prof, Dr Habil Marijonas Bogdevičius
  • P317 - Office of Administrator of Department Laima Dabulevičienė
J. Basanavičiaus g. 28 (Vilnius):
  • Laboratory of Hydraulic Drivers
    • Page administrators:
    • Olegas Prentkovskis
    • Renata Autukevičiūtė
    • Andrius Ružinskas
    • Algimantas Danilevičius
    • Rasa Prentkovskienė
    • Virginija Bobinienė
    • Eglė Dabulevičiūtė
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