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Department of Automobile Engineering

Department of Automotive Engineering (DAE) is a subdivision of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) Transport Engineering Faculty which is specialized in preparation of highly qualified engineers who would disclose their creativity and engineering-like way of thinking by excelling in practical applications of their scientific potential.  
VGTU pursues to foster highly qualified and prepared specialists, who would ensure the smooth functioning and development of transport sector and thus apply their scientific experience in practical activities.  
The central areas of research in the DAE are as follows: improvement of road vehicle maintenance and reliability, automobile dynamics and examination of road traffic safety as well as traffic accidents. 
DAE is responsible for organization of first and second cycle studies – (mode of studies - continual, extended). Extended studies for college graduates are being organized in collaboration with other Departments of Transport Engineering Faculty.
The specialization of Automobile transport was selected and successfully completed this year by 150 bachelor and master level graduates. Upon completion of their studies young specialists are ready to proceed with their careers in bussiness entities, public institutions or pursue for doctoral degree. 
Studies at the University provides an opportunity to implement engineering solutions and creativity. The most prominent project of the DAE - electromobile, a joint creation of students and lecturers. The latest project being developed – automobile sliding system – offers new possibilities for complex behavioural research. 
DAE expands scientific research areas by annually updating the equipment and capacity of laboratory; develops international academic relations as well as fosters institutional cooperation with business entities and public establishments. 
Young and enthusiastic staff of the Department is well prepared for Professional and creative work with each devoted and ambitious student. The staff of the Department will also guide young professionals in finding their own ways in academic or practical automobile transport engineering.  
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