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Transport Engineering Faculty was established in 17th March, 1994.
The first Dean Prof Dr Hab Renius Žeromskas of Transport Faculty was elected In 18th April, 1994.
 In 21st April , 1994 Senior Lecturer Dr Vilius Bartulis,  and Assoc Prof Dr Valentinas Mickūnaitis were appointed Vice-deans for full-time and extra-mural studies, respectively, by the order of Rector. Ms Elvina Burbienė and Ms Marija Kazlauskienė were transferred from Mechanical Faculty to work as methodologists at the Dean Office at Transport Faculty. Ms Alė Dadurkienė is responsible for office work.
In 1994, negotiations about transferring the building of the former drivers’ school in Plytinės str. to Transport Faculty began, and in the summer of 1996, two departments – Transport Management and Transport Technological Equipment (the former Road Building Machines Department, renamed in 1995) moved there. They occupied the 2nd and 3rd floors of the building, respectively. Lecture-rooms, meeting and conference hall as well as amenity rooms were located on the 4-th floor. Later, rooms for the members of part-time staff and vice-dean for research were arranged there. When the number of students of the Faculty exceeds 1000, it has the right to have three vice-deans. Thus, in November, 4, 1996, assoc. prof., dr. Mindaugas Mazūra from the TM Department was appointed the dean for research of the Faculty.
On the 1st of June, 1994, the study Committee was established which restructured the programmes of studies. Such programmes of studies as Transport Equipment (according to the name of Technical University) with specialization in automobile and its equipment, road building and building machines and their equipment, as well as railroad transport and its equipment, and Transport Management with specialization in organization and management of transportation and transport economics were developed for the courses of studies for BSc and MSc degrees and certified engineers. The first book of the programmes of studies was published in VGTU.
In 1994, the first students were admitted to Transport Faculty. 153 students were accepted to study at the full-time department, including 83 students who took the programme of Transport Equipment in Lithuanian and 28 students – in Russian, 42 students took the programme in Transport Management in Lithuanian. 31 students were admitted to correspondence department to study according to Transport Equipment programme. 41 students were admitted to study this programme to become certified engineers and 31 students were admitted for Master’s degree studies, while 17 students were admitted to study the programme of Transport Management for getting Master’s degree.
In 1995, the Faculty was renamed Transport Engineering Faculty (TIF). At this year, Study programmes were revised and updated, with their names changed to Transport Engineering adn Transport Engineering Economics and Management, respectively.
In April 18, 1998, Head of Railway Transport Department Prof Dr Hab Leonas Povilas Lingaitis became Dean of the Faculty instead of Prof Dr hab Renius Žeromskis, whose term of office had come to an end.
Assoc Prof Dr Alfonsas Katkus from Railway Transport Department was appointed Vice-dean for extra-mural studies, while Domicelė Katinienė became a methodologist of extra-mural studies.
In September 2001, a doctoral student Master Giedrius Garbinčius from Automobile Transport Department, who received a PhD in 2005, was appointed Vice-dean for extra-mural studies.
In 1999/2000, the first students of the Faculty went to study at Dresden (Germany) higher Technical School for the first semester under SOCRATES/ ERASMUS students’ mobility programme. Now, about 20-30 faculty students study at foreign universities according ERASMUS programme.
In the 1st of September, 2005, Assoc  Prof Dr Darius Bazaras from Transport Management Department changed Assoc Prof Dr Mindaugas Mazūra in the position of Vice-dean for research.
In 2006, the programmes of Engineering have been combined into one, i.e. the study programme of Transport Engineering was well assessed by experts from the State Centre of Quality Control of studies and accredited to be valid until the next assessment by the order of the Ministry of Education. The group of international experts positively evaluated the programme of Transport Engineering Economics and Management for 2004–2005.
Some of the subjects are taught in English. The geography of ERASMUS links is expanding as well as the mobility of students and lecturers, who visiting various foreign universities. Study programmes are renewed every two years, while the teaching staff is getting younger – all TEF departments have the courses of doctoral studies.
The graduates of the Faculty are rare visitors of labour exchange. Some of them founded their own companies providing jobs for Lithuanian people. Having good knowledge in their special subjects and being able to do the creative work, the most of the graduates get good jobs at the state and private enterprises.
A Dean of the Faculty Prof Dr Hab  Alvydas Pikūnas has been lead the faculty since 3rd of September, 2007 till 31st  of December, 2009.
More than 2000 students began their studies at the Faculty In September, 2007.
A new Chairman of the Faculty Council Prof Dr Hab Marijonas Bogdevičius was elected in the 12th September , 2007.
Dr Aidas Vasilis Vasiliauskas has been a Head of Transport Management Department since September, 2007.
Assoc Prof Dr Saugirdas Pukalskas has been a Head of Automobile Transport Department since November, 2008.
Assoc Prof Dr Vilius Bartulis has been a Dean of Faculty since the 4th of January, 2010.
Assoc Prof Dr Edgar Sokolovskij from Automobile Transport Department has been a Vice-dean for full-time studies since the 1st of September, 2010 .
Dr Virgilija Zinkevičiūtė had been working as Vice-dean for science and relation with social partners since the 1st of September, 2011 till the 29th of August, 2012.
Prof Dr Nijolė Batarlienė had been a Vice-dean for Science and Relations with social partners since the 3rd of September, 2012. 
Assoc Prof Dr Darius Bazaras has been a Head of Transport Management Department since the 3rd of September, 2012. 
Assoc Prof Dr Gediminas Vaičiūnas has been a Head of Department of Railway Transport since the 2nd of September, 2013.
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